Vital Ruby and Vital Rails

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We’ve just had an email from the folks at the Ruby User Group about an upcoming course. If you are interested there is a 25% discount for Scottish Developers. Just enter the code SCOTTISHDEVELOPERS to get your discount when applying for the course.

These courses are designed to provide the students with the essentials to becoming productive in Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Whether you are system administrator looking to learn a new tool, a web developer wanting to know what this platform is all about, or you are a tester looking to learn about the tools you keep hearing about, these courses have something for you.

Vital Ruby - 2 Days

Vital Ruby is a two day course that will bring you up to speed on the language, the environment and the tools that surround the Ruby language. This course also provides a glimpse into the culture and community that is such an important ingredient to success. Test-driven development is a natural part of what we do and will be reflected in this two day course.

Vital Rails - 3 Days

Vital Rails is a three day course that will leave you production-ready for building web applications. We drive through the major components of Rails, while building an actual application that you will be able to take home and guide you as you develop the next killer app. Learn how to build, test and deploy a web application and all the pieces that go along with it. Learn how to use plugins, how to use ActiveRecord as a stand alone ORM and see how to test your application in units or as a whole.

The course will run from Monday, 9th November, 2009 at 9:00 to Friday, 13th November, 2009 at 17:00 at the Edinburgh Training Centre, 16 St. Mary’s Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1SU. You can register here.

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