Developer Day Scotland: Survey

When we asked people to register for Developer Day Scotland 2009 we also asked some basic demographic information to get a better idea of who was coming to the event.

On the day we had 176 people turn up out of 260 that signed up, this was up 29% on last year. Next year we hope to be get about 200 delegates on the day.

The drop out rate was fairly consistent with last year with 32% of those registering dropping out on the day. This drop out rate does not include those who informed us at least 24 hours in advance as we managed to re-allocate their ticket. Last year 31% dropped out on the day.

The map represents the location of the delegates who chose to tell us where they were coming form. As we would expect the vast majority of delegates are coming from central Scotland as that’s were the event was held. Still, we had folks travelling up from places like Bristol and London.

Of those that responded, 83% of delegates came from Scotland.

ALT.NET UK Conference

I was hoping to announce the ALT.NET UK Conference, but there seems little point as it filled up in 90 seconds. But, there is a second opportunity if you are quick. A second tranche of tickets are up for grabs on Sunday at 13:00.

Find out more here:

Mobile Computing talk

BCS Glasgow have a talk on Mobile Computing coming up next week. Here are the details:

Our next talk is on Monday evening 11th May 2009 in the Lord Todd building of the University of Strathclyde. Peter Barrie of Glasgow Caledonian University will give a talk on Mobile Computing.

Bio: Peter Barrie is a lecturer and co-director of the Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing Laboratory (MUCom) at Glasgow Caledonian University. Over the span of his academic and industrial career he has worked in many areas including real-time systems, parallel-computer design, industrial automation, robotics, clinical software, transport systems and mobile and ubiquitous computing.

Synopsis: The talk will first of all provide an introduction to MUCom in relation to some of their work in mobile information systems. Secondly there will be an overview of the technology and a live demonstration of the MUCom Mirrored Motion system for real-time body-motion capture. This will include an application of the system in the area of augmented-reality - using gesture recognition to interact with virtual objects. The custom-designed technology makes use of wireless-sensor technology to form a body-area-network.

Refreshments and light buffet will be available from 6.00pm, and the meeting will start at 6.30pm.

Win an XBox 360 Elite by playing with IE8

Okay – You have to play with it in a certain way, but you can win an XBox 360 Elite. What you have to do is create one of them accelerator, web slice or visual search provider thingamabobs.

Even if you don’t win the XBox you could still be showcased in various Future Publishing titles.

For more information, links to a tutorials and videos to get you started, visit Mike Ormond’s blog: Fame and Fortune await those who play with IE8.

Developer Day Scotland 2009

I’d like to extend a big thank you to everyone who attended Developer Day Scotland 2009. It was your dedication for turning up on a Saturday and on a holiday weekend that made the day what it was.

If you are curious on the stats, we had 176 people through the door, 20 sessions, 4 tracks.

The top speakers were:

  • Was the session as expected
    1. Barry Dorrans
    2. Eric Nelson
    3. Ray Booysen
  • Rate the session overall
    1. Eric Nelson
    2. Barry Dorrans
    3. Gary Short
  • Rate the slides
    1. Eric Nelson
    2. Christian Bolton
    3. Barry Dorrans
  • Rate the Demos
    1. Ray Booysen
    2. Christian Bolton
    3. Eric Nelson
  • Rate the information content
    1. Barry Dorrans
    2. Ray Booysen
    3. Eric Nelson
  • Finally, based on a combined score, the top 3 speakers were:
    1. Eric Nelson
    2. Barry Dorrans
    3. Ray Booysen

We are going through the feedback to ensure we make the event better for next year. We’re pleased to say that the scores are, in general, higher this year. We have noted areas for improvement and we’ll be looking to address those.

Finally, if you liked the event and want to see more stuff like this then the next DDD event will be on the 23rd May in Taunton