C# Developer in Glasgow

We’ve just received this from Linn (the awesome audio equipment manufacturers)


C# Developer at Linn, Glasgow

Linn is a Scottish company that makes the world’s best music systems.

We’re looking for a smart developer who can help us as we undertake a massive programme of renewal: we’re modernising all of our systems, starting from the ground up.

It’s the kind of opportunity that doesn’t come along very often; we’ve got licence to make something amazing – unconstrained by legacy dependencies or third-party systems.

Our development team is pretty small - there are only five of us - so whoever joins us will make a big difference.

We don’t really mind what kind of experience you have, as long as you can show that you’re interested in good code. It’s likely that you will be a reader of blogs and a user of beta software. You might contribute to some cool open-source project, or perhaps you keep a blog yourself. Maybe we’ve seen you at some developer events. Maybe we’ve read some of your answers on Stack Overflow.

You will know C#, but you will also be familiar with the world beyond Microsoft. You probably seek out (or even build) frameworks and tools that will make your life and your code better. Here, we like all sorts - NHibernate and Ninject, OpenRasta and MVC, RestSharp, MongoDB, jQuery and more. We don’t mind if you don’t know these ones; you probably have your own favourites.

We haven’t really got a list of demands. Some of our systems are web-based, so experience of web technologies would be useful. Many of our systems use databases – currently we use Oracle and MongoDB, but we’re thinking about alternatives. We’re pretty excited about delivering all of our processes RESTfully – it would be great if you found this exciting too.

If you like the sound of this and think you might fit the bill, please get in touch at [email protected].

About Colin Angus Mackay
I blog at ColinMackay.scot. I help run Scottish Developers which is a user group for software developers in Scotland.

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