DDD Scotland Session Follow Up

Here are the sessions from DDD Scotland 2011 and links off to the various speakers’ presentations or follow up blog posts.

Track A

  • Creating your Own Software Company: A Survival Guide (Kendall Miller)
    Blog post containing follow up and slide deck.
  • Asymptotics and Algorithms – What You’ve Forgotten Since University (Gary Short)
  • Making Crap Code Better – Real world Coding Standards (Phil Winstanley)
  • Is your code S.O.L.I.D ? (Nathan Gloyn)
  • Functional Alchemy: Tricks to keep your C# DRY (Mark Rendle)

Track B

Track C

  • Introduction to Android Development using Monodroid (Chris Canal)
  • Building seriously scalable websites with ASP.NET with and without Windows (Chris Hay)
  • Don’t Make Me Wait - Faster Websites 101 (Duncan McDougall)
  • Real World SLUT (Silverlight Unit Testing) (Daniel May)
  • Produce Cleaner Code with Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) (Gael Fraiteur)

Track D

Track E

  • CQRS and Friends: Possibly distributed systems, intentionally. (Andrea Magnorsky)
    Slide Deck.
  • Caliburn.Micro: Painless MVVM apps for Silverlight and WPF (Barry Carr)
  • Behavioural Driven Development (BDD) with F# (Phillip Trelford)
    Blog post giving slide deck, code examples and event overview.
  • Building composite applications with Open frameworks (Sebastien Lambla)
  • Rewriting software is the single worst mistake you can make - apparently. (Phil Collins)

Track F

  • Professional Development (Open Discussion)
    Mind Map.
  • Agile Is Dead (Open Discussion)
    Mind Map (scroll down past Professional Development).
  • How to manage your manager (Mark Rendle)
  • Beyond Hackdays/Weekends: Finding Problems To Solve (Glen Mehn)
  • Ask The Speakers (Panel Discussion)

About Colin Angus Mackay
I blog at ColinMackay.scot. I help run Scottish Developers which is a user group for software developers in Scotland.

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