Scot ALT.NET: An Evening of O/RM

O/RMs help us bridge the gap between the database and the code base we love to write. On the night we will be looking at two O/RMs, NHibernate the most mature O/RM in the Alt.Net space and Microsoft’s recently released Enitiy Framework, the young pretender to the O/RM thrown.

ScottLogic, a leading financial software and consultancy company based in Edinburgh, have been kind enough to offer the use of their premises for an evening of O/RM knowlege sharing and dicussion.  The event will take place on 2nd of July at 7pm, 17 Gayfield Square Edinburgh EH1 3NX.  All are welcome!

The agenda

19:00 – 19:30 Paul Cowan - An Introuction to NHibernate
19:30 – 20:00 Chris Canal - FluentNHibernate in 15 minutes
20:00 - 20:10 Break
20:10 – 20:40 Colin Gemmell - NHibernate vs Entity Framework - which is best?

After the meeting we will retire for a beer and some heated discussion.  If you are planning to attend, please let us know by registering at the Scot Alt.Net Edinburgh EventBrite page (

About the speakers

Paul Cowan has recently started his own business Cutting-Edge Solutions.  He is a keen advocate of iterative development, test driven development, continuous integration and modern techniques.  Paul is a regular committer to the horn open source project.  He recently gave a presentation on horn at the Dsl DevCon at Microsoft in Seattle.  You can follow his blog here.

Chris Canal has worked at a Web Developer for the past 7 years. Starting with procedural languages like ASP and PHP, he quickly moved onto the .NET Platform when first released. A great believer is continual–improvement, Chris is constantly looking for new technologies, tools and methodologies that will help in creating robust and maintainable software applications. Having felt the pain of using Microsoft "Demoware", Chris has become an active member of the Scottish Alt.Net Community to share his findings and ideas with like-minded developers.

Colin Gemmel is a Web/Application Developer working in the Medical Faculty of Glasgow University for the past 3 years. An avid follower of agile principles and practices he is always happy to pass on his views of software development to anyone that will listen. Colin is also a regular participant of the Scottish Alt.Net Community

About Colin Angus Mackay
I blog at I help run Scottish Developers which is a user group for software developers in Scotland.

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