Groovy and Dynamic Developer Productivity

This just in from the Java User Group Scotland (JUGS):

Our next talk will be presented by Niels Nielsen in the kindly provided CIVIC office space. As usual space and refreshments are restricted, so please register by adding your name to the MeetingSignup page. Here is the abstract:

In most software projects, its common for the developer to focus on the application and not necessarily the surrounding environment, hence the level of project automation is mostly related to 3rd party tools, such as Ant, Maven, CruiseControl etc. 
However, there are often many specialized tasks, who has no immediate tool, nor is it possible to easily tweak existing tools into place. These tasks are often poorly addressed.

Enter the Agile Language - Agile Languages are dynamic languages, who facilitate a faster and leaner approach to software development. One of these languages, Groovy, is a JVM language, providing optional typing and improved dynamics, has a low learning curve and less verbosity.

This presentation will adress the need for an Agile Language in a traditional project, before introducing the Groovy language, before finally presenting real-world examples of the applicability of Groovy.

So if you want to know how to use a GString…….

The speaker, Niels Bech Nielsen, has been working as a software contractor for more than 16 years with at least 12 of these related to java development. 
He has worked in induestries such as finance, media, telecom and airports. 
He works currently for J.P. Morgan delivering trading applications for the investment bank.

The presetation assumes you have done java development at some point in your life, in order to understand it. 
The target audience will take an interest in their work, seeking ways to improve their current development skills. 
Humour may be required..

It is on Wednesday 26th November at 7pm in the CIVIC office (12 South Charlotte Street Edinburgh EH2 4AX).

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